Knit Links - our shawl Pin

Here at June Pryce Fiber Arts, we love to wear shawls. But, we are not fond of traditional shawl pins. Our Knit Links are our original take on the shawl pin - without a pin. The Knit Link has a toggle back that slips through knitted fabric - sometimes without even as much as a button hole!

Our Knit Link selection varies as new fronts become available. Our prices range from $15 for a basic resin Knit Link to $30 for a hand crafted glass Knit Link.

Our Knit Link Instruction sheet is included in each Knit Link purchase.

A Czech glass fronted Knit Link

 A resin-fronted Knit Link made with matching thread color.

A resin fronted Knit Link made with matching thread color.

Knit Link with Czech glass front - the same dichroic glass as viewed from the front and side.

Knit Link with Czech glass front

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