Sunday, November 14, 2010

Spin, Spin, Dye, Repeat

Hi Gang!

I've been spinning up a storm. I love my wheel. I've been spining up stuff that we weren't too happy with once they were dyed or stuff that never sold. Man, on either count once this stuff is spun its BEAUTIFUL!!! The first was some superwash in Espresso to Latte (check out the shop for other color ways) that the black broke purple and bled down the length of the roving. So I kept it and remade the fiber with no black. I've spun that up in a fat single and I'm going to knit (OMG NO!!!) a hat for my loving hubby for x-mass.

The next was some Salt Water Taffy in a Superwash merino. I was practicing the thick thin spinning for a potential customer. While it came out OK, I found that the superwash is very "slippery" when you try to spin it. It's very pretty and soft but it is as delicate as silk so I had to be VERY gentle.
Next, was 8 ounces of Domestic wool (aka nubbly, scratchy outdoor wool) dyed in Tapestry. I do not understand why someone didn't buy this stuff. True it is scratchy, but its very nice looking. And it naturally slubs it's self, the clumps and pips make for easy slubs that come at relatively equal intervals. The one I'm working at now and I won't have any pictures for you is the Pretty Sophisticated in Superwash Merino. Yea, I'm trying the superwash again to see if it was just me being ham fisted. Its still slippery, but my spinning buddy Gail gave me a couple of tricks to try and they seem to be working. This color way is a sweet pale pink and smoky gray mix. I working it in a standy yarn size. Not fat or chunky but definately not lace weight.

My fantastic Hubby made me a hand carved Niddy Noddy in teak!!! Take a peek and be very jealous!! He even made three different lengths of center poles!!!

Gotta get back down stairs and dye. Today is yarn and some more Superwash.
If I don't get back to you, have a great Thanksgiving!