Monday, August 1, 2011

Have Wheel Will Travel

Hi all,

OK, so I am on vacation in Swan Lake, Maine, just outside of Belfast. Yes, I know this is unusual, but I HAVE to take some time off or I am going to burn out like a sparkler on Fourth of July. This is the perfect place to recharge my batteries. Wow what a beautiful lake.... So quiet and so much to do. Canoe, kayak, fish, hike..... We would be doing more of this hiking if Loving Hubby had not ruputured his achilles tendon and is now waiting of surgery (it will happen the Monday we get back). But this is where I will be spending my time spinning for the next week. Tough huh???

Here we see my lovely and loved Louet S10 waiting to be used on the upper deck. Horrible view huh? I plan on spinning ata least a pound while I am here. I have brought with me different fibers that were not lucky enough to be purchased. Their loss is my gain.

Here is the first four ounces of my Beach Horizon which is a Superwash Merino. Sorta fits for the location...... I have a full eight ounces of this that when unsold, so I am going to spin them and then try my hand at plying. Should be fun.
Pretty huh? I'll check in with more photos of the spinning and mabie of me in the Kayak.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and I'll be back soon.