Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The KAL Begins.......

Hello All,
The lovely ladies who follow my shop have started a KAL (knit along for those of you not in the know) using my sets of mini-skeins.  As most of you know I an horrible at these things.  I don't know if it's my time management or ADHD but I can never seem to get them done.  Refer back to the SAL/KAL blog post.  I still haven't finished the scarf!!

So here we go again, the things I get talked into.

I have chosen to dye "Flame" on my Saunderstown Sock Line.  It's a MCN base (Superwash merino, CASHMERE!!, and nylon) Yum!  I've chosen the Spearmint Tea Shawl by Kateryna Golovanova. It's a simple knit, that I should be able to finish.  Cross your fingers.

Flame!  I will start with the palest color and work out to the dark red.

Here are my balls (tee hee) all ready to be used. I am using a project bag that Jenn made for me to keep them all tidy. 

Now, I'm not proud of this but I cheated......shush......stop gasping, they will hear you!!  I'm a SLOW, a very slow knitter. I HAD to.  Started on my birthday, just 3 days early, to get cast on and etc all set. I also had to spend a large chunk of time on the phone with Lia trying to understand what "KYOK" was.  Told ya, not very good at this.   But practice makes perfect, blah, blah, blah.  

Here is the very beginning at the end of 4 HOURS of work on the first day.

Woo Hoo! Finished the first ball and was able to start with the next yarn WITHOUT knotting them together, like I was gonna..really.......until Lia said that wasn't the way big girls knit and to suck it up and stop whining and *ah yea* get the idea.  So second color on and knitting, after last night I am 11 whole rows into the orange.  Pattern says it should only be 19 so I'm close.....

OK I didn't understand what all the "accomplished" knitters were talking about when they said it would be a boring knit, and they could do it in the dark and they'd have to fall on their DPN's if they knit this, but now I do.  Really.  The only time it actually takes my attention is to do the last three stitches. Then its back to mind less knitting or purling depending on what side I'm on.  It is giving me a chance to really keep an eye on my gauge and perfect my stitches.  It is also a FANTASTIC pattern to show off the wonderful dye job, so don't get me wrong I'm not complaining.  I am, however, looking forward to the boarder, which looks to be a bit more detailed. (And it will be closer to being finished:)

More later!
Happy Knitting!