Sunday, October 9, 2011

Look What I Made!!!

Hi All!

I met the most wonderful woman during the KDO Marketplace the beginning of September. Her name is Nanette, she is strong, intelligent and funny. She also was looking for someone to dye yarn in long progressions. Well I had seen them and have a friend who dyes them but I had never, myself, tried to dye them. So after a great conversation with my new friend, Nanette, I decided that this was my next endeavor. So when I got home I set about purchasing the raw materials for my new warping board. I made it all myself. So very proud, can't you tell.

This is gonna make some VERY cool, dye progressions!! More to come!!!!!

Feed your fiber fetish

With a small amount of help from my eldest son, Hayden, who cut the boards and the dowels for me. That table saw really makes me nervous.......