Saturday, January 8, 2011

Time to start anew!

I'm in love, yup, well not in the way your thinking. I found this fantastic Blog that is going to help me change......Everything! This woman April Bowles - Rocks! She is fountain of information. And I hope that drinking from that fountain will make this a more interesting blog for you.

Let's get started. Today, other than taking down the christmas decorations and making cookies for the boys, I will be preparing for our upcomming sale. Everything will be 50% off, I'm thinking that quite a bit of my stock will be out-going. That same weekend as the sale, I am taking my first knitting classses up at Slader Mill in Pawtucket. Very excited!! Jenn says that starting my first project on double pointed needles was special. I'm not so confident, if I do end up sucking at the classes, I am still getting a FULL weekend of girl time and knitting. The boys will be going to my parents for the weekend. WooHoo hot tub all to ourselves!! Bathing suits optional.

So to try and be ahead of the game, I am fluffing and labling all of my rovings. We use these very pretty bands that have the name of the colorway and type of fiber, the weight, and a color picture. The bands help keep the rovings in a tidy bundle and look beautiful. I will also spend some time getting together enough SWAG. We have differnt stuff depending on what the fiber is used for. I even grew lavendar for sachets that go in the packaging. Sooo pretty and smell great!

After that's all done, I'm working with 18 micron Merino. This superfine stuff that felters use. I had and inspiration light come on while flipping thru my moms quilters catalog. Instead of trying to fit every color of the rainbow into my felters packets I would try to do some gradient color packets. Check it out....I started by researching the Colors of 2011. You know, what colors are going to be "hot" for the next year. Check out and it will show color swatches and the "looks" that are upcomming. In this picture you can see the Honeysuckle (2nd row, 3rd color from right) the BeesWax (top row, 3rd color in) the Coral Rose (top row right hand side) the Lavender, Silver Cloud, and Silver Peony (on the botton row from right to left). I dyed darker purples and lighter oranges to fill out those packets, but they are still drying. I'm hoping to work on the Peapod and the Nautical Blues today. Working on these packets really help me to work out the mixology of the dye, allowing me to see the color in all its forms, prior to me using it on a larger amount of fiber. And it lets me see the colors near each other, which helps when designing new colorways!!!
Coffee is done, time to get dyeing. Hope you have a colorful day ;)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wow, Twice in one Week!!

Hello all!

Just quickly checking in. Trying to actually follow my resolutions. Today will be a small chat about what I do. This dyeing gig is pretty good. I retreat to my workroom to be swallowed up in a rainbow of color. I have been using large roasting pans to soak the rovinngs prior to applying the dye, but they have begun to spring leaks. I know, you all are cringing. "What!" you say, "citric acid in aluminum pans?!?!" Yes, my friends I had to use what was available. They work quite fine before the acid rots thru the bottom. I see no difference or problem with the rovings AT ALL. They are still soft and bright white when removed. No remember I only leave them in the pans until wet, no more than 15-20 minutes. I haven't tried over night or anything.

I am in search of "fish tubs". Anyone who has worked in a restraunt or a grocery prepared foods kitchen knows what I'm talking about. All the frozen/fresh fish arrives in these white plastic bins with tops. They are EXACTLY the size of roasting pans but made of sturdy, food grade plastic. I need some of these. I do still have some friends in the business, and I should just get off my lazy butt and given them a call. They are constantly throwing them out when the dishwaher has changed their shape enough for the tops not to fit correctly. OK, OK I'll call them today. Thanks for the push.
I am always looking for inspiration. I have folders and folders of pictures, both paper and on my computer. I don't go anywhere without my camera. Digital is a blessing!!! There is beauty everywhere, it's the taking of that beauty and reproducing it on the rovings thats the challenge. Exciting and extraordinary but still a challenge. I love it.

Whoops sorta got off the tracks there and now my time is up. I'll be checking in again this weekend.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year (aka Screw the Resolutions)

Happy New Year All!

We just returned from the year end - New Year June Pryce company meeting. This is where the men get together and shoot off model rockets and target practice with the 22. While Jenn and I hang out and knitt and discuss what we will be doing with the shop for the next year. I must say it was a VERY productive meeting. I am so excited, we will be having a One Year Anniversary Sale. Everything is going to be 50% off for Januray 22-23 only. We intend to clear out the old and bring in the new. Sorta to shake things up. We are also going to start a Fiber Club!!! WooHoo can't wait. Exclusive colorways just for the lucky members. I've been brewing up all sort of beautiful new colorways.
I hope Christmas was nice for everyone. I was hosting this year, and I must say I enjoyed not have to travel. Everyone came to me. No stuffing the car full and driving with all the other crazies. Just a mellow 4 days of cooking and chatting with my family. Eating then because as of today that changes.
This is my VERY FIRST Project. I dyed this superwash, I spun it on my drop spindle and then I knit it on double pointed needles. It is a hat for my loving hubby, it should keep him very warm while he goes hunting. The head is my teenage son, and he was not happy about being my model.
This is a year of MORES and here is a few of my resolutions:

MORE exercise!! I love my food and it shows in my big fat ass, time to get moving!

MORE loving of the husband - yes, you know EXACTLY what I mean (heh heh)

MORE sales - yup we are kicking it up a notch and selling everything!!

MORE Blogging - I am planning to be blogging at least once a week.

MORE smiles, MORE laughter and MORE LIFE!!!

MORE later :)

Ps I'm on Ravelry now too!
DyenamicDyestress - check it out!