Monday, August 13, 2012

Felted Soap What FUN!!

Hello all,

I had the sweetest client ask me to dye her some rovings for the sole purpose of making felted soap.  Cool. Fiber dyed, dryed and mailed, when I get a e-mail with a picture of her final project!  God I love that.  Well after studying her work I decided that it looked REALLY fun and that mabie I could take an hour or so and play with my fiber.

I am sooooo glad I did.  I started by hunting down some soap.  My loving hubby travels quite a bit for work and is always bringing home a soap or two.  We usually use them when we have stay over guests.  You know, with their towels stacked on their bed.  Looks sharp and makes them feel special.

The soaps I found were a hodge podge of big and small hand made and commerical bars. 

I then used some old hand dyed BFL roving.  I hadn't sold it.  It ws an early "version" that I felt had cooked a bit too long and would not draft as easily as it should.  I planned on dyeing it black and giving it to my friend Lia who needs it for the back drop of her Halloween Town she sets up each year.

I took the roving and broke it into pieces and began to pull it into a thin sheet.  The sheet was then stripped into thinner lengths.  I wound them areound the soap, making the layers into a hatch work.

The picture shows the pulled wool and then up in the corner is a wrapped piece.

You can get the complete steps in my (sorta weird)  video tutorial. :)

Here are some of my finished products!  Cool Huh?  The blue ones are done with "Deep Sea" colorway in BFL and the rusty-green ones are "Dappled Forest"

Here are my finsihed soaps!  Aren't they great?  I'm going to give one to my Mom when I go down and keep one for the outdoor shower and sell the rest at KDO in September. 

You can make your own Felted Soap also,  I've already set up, what?, 12 kits.  Stop by Knitters Day Out, September 7th in Harrisburg PA and grab one (or two).

These are fun, fun, fun my friends. Makes a great gift as is or felted!

Happy Felting!