Monday, October 7, 2013

Time Flies.....When your Froggin'

Hello All,

It is about time I post something new here.  You probably figured I fell off the edge of the earth.  But I did not and I do have a bunch of new stuff to tell you about.  Today, However, is all about my FINALLY finishing the Spearmint Tea Shawl.  Its beautiful, I wore it at the North Jersey Fiber Festival this past weekend. It will definately get all sorts of usage. Soft and colorful, it drapes nicely and will go with all a bunch of different outfits.

Of course the pictures are taken on an ugly and ripped old PINK towel down in my basement but ladies, I'm proud that I even remembered to take the pictures before I took it off the blocking board.   I was so anxious for it to be dried so I could take it with me.  It was the day I was going to wear it before I wove in the ends.....

The colors are just about true in these pics.  Its bright and it looks like an upside down sunset.

The lace pattern at the bottom gave me a bit of troubles, but after a bit I figured out what the designer was attempting to achieve and was able to keep up the flow.  It would have gone easily if I had maintained the correct stitch count in between each set, but noooooooo that would have been too simplistic.  I had miscounted and was unwilling to frog out the lace yet again.  yes, I said again.  I frogged it a total of three times before I just said "Nope, it is what it is" and kept going, hoping no "helpful" customer would point my mistake out to me.  Oh, believe me it happens.

Problem is I get distracted.  Trying to fit in a few rows before the patients start, or at lunch or during a lull.  But then the people show up or I get mayonaise on my hands or the damn phone starts again.  Then I put it down and pray that I can remember where I was.  Most times I can't so I just guess and keep going.  Then of course the stitch count is wrong but I would muddle on too lazy to frog or even tink.

Honestly, I just wanted to finish, to have the pretty knitted item I could point to and say "I made that".  


Next week, It's all about my newest favorite designer Toby Roxane, check her out on her website Just met her at the North Jersey Fiber Festival. She is lovely and fun and very talented.

Later!  Happy Knitting