Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spin to Knit Scarf Kit

Hello all,
We are going to do our very first SAL and KAL.  For you not in the know that is Spin-a-long and Knit-a-long.  We have these killer scarf kits that were just recently featured in the "Get This" section of Spin Off Magazine. Thank you very much and Jenn and I thought we would attempt to prolong our 15 minutes of fame and have some fun at the same time.  Hence the SAL/KAL.

Here's what ya do.  Buy a kit.  Please, really, I've been dyeing a bunch just for you!
But if you have a ton of fiber stash, we understand and you can use that instead.  We have the pattern on sale in the shop so you can follow along.  Next, stop by our Ravelry Group and show off what you intend to spin and knit up.  Gotta show it off so that when we are all done and voteing on the best (for a PRIZE) we can see where you started.  Prizes, yes, everyone loves prizes!

Jenn, because she is wonderful, will be sending out a heads-up on when certain parts of the SAL/KAL need to be done.  We start March 1st spinning and then we end......umm not to sure.  I'll get back to you on that.

Here are some pictures to get you drooling and wanting to join in!

Morning Coffee, its a brown gradient against a YOR (yellow, orange, red), this could go for a guy or a girl. 

Sun and Sea, its a blue gradient against an orange one.  Simple and fun.


This is the way the scarf works out.  Cool Huh?  Once spun up you knit the two different yarns dark end against light end and you get this great stripy effect.  This scarf is Garden Wall, our Fieldstone Wall colorway against our Plums and Berries Colorway.  Jenn spun and knit this one up.
Gott be truthful, I'm not looking forward to the knitting part.  But Jenn assures me that I'll be able to do it, and, believe me, if I can you can!!

Look forward to seeing everyone March 1st!!

Happy Spinning (and Knitting!)

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