Sunday, October 31, 2010

Daytripping to Rheinbeck!

Hi Gang! Happy Halloween!
Couple of weeks ago Jenn ,Raisin and I made the trek to Rheinbeck Sheep and Wool Festival. What a great day! It was cool and a bit windy when we started out, but in a short time it was warm and sunny, what breeze was there kept you from getting too hot.

Look at all of these colors!!! All of these skeins we spun up boulce (?).

There were people EVERYWHERE! Yes, I know its to be expected with this size faire and all but..... Wow. And what I found so astounding was that EVERYONE was wearing something that they had made. There were sweaters, scarves, shawls, gloves, hats, vests........ I could go on and on. I was the only one, that I could see, that didn't. Jenn was sweet enough to lend me her scarf - THAT SHE HAD MADE - to keep me warm. Oh yea, I didn't tell you that this was our chance to be walking billboards and get the name of June Pryce Fiber Arts famous! Jenn had these cute shirts printed up. Short sleeve, because at the Maryland Sheep and Wool we almost died from the heat. So here we are in this chilly day with short sleeve shirts on. Jenn, brilliant woman that she is, put it on OVER her sweatshirt. It looked nice, she does not agree. But I had this jacket on and was attempting to wear the shirt under but on backwards so you could see the logo. Didn't work so well. We will make up Sweatshirts for next time.

See isn't she cute? Don't look too close, I caught her with her eyes almost closed. (She is gonna KILL me.) We spent a bit of time checking out different spinning techniques. Now that I'm "helping" with my wheel - THANK YOU GAIL!! - she was showing me what I'll be able to accomplish. Speaking of which I have been using my wheel, quite a bit. I'm spinning a superwash merino into a thick single for a hat for my Dad for christmas. I hope. Remember, I'm Ok spinning but I SUCK at knitting.... I'm using a book called "Kids Learn to Knit", it is well writtten for kids like me who need to go slow and have it explained in the simplest form.

This was also a fact finding mission. See, we are considering taking our gorgeous product out on the road to different festivals. We needed to look into how other fiber artists displayed their stuff. You know, what shelving systems made the product look the best, which would be easily portable, how to price things out and what other toys/tools to carry. While we we there we also found this great idea on how to package up our scarf/sock kits. Soon to be seen on our site - Keep watching!

These are neat aren't they? Inside they have everything you need, directions, yarn and such plus you get this cute hand colored picture on the front to show you how it will look once all knitted up. These plastic containers would also work for our felters kits, no? So we chatted up vendors, took many, many pictures and of course bought some stuff. I know that sounds funny, someone who can make whatever color they desired purchasing a hank but sometimes it just fun to have someone else do the work for me.

OK kids back to work, I go in search of a new roasting pan. Mine sprung a leak and I can't steam the fiber without it. I'll have to focus on yarn today, but only until I can replace the pan.......

Hope you have goulishly good fun tonight!!!

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  1. I really do hate that picture! Must. Get. To. The. Gym!!