Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm Getting A Spinning Wheel!!!

Hi all! Sorry its been a bit. We had a small emergency with my father needing some more coronary jewelry. Five stainless steel stents in all. He is fine, at home and in good spirits. Thanks for asking :)

I'm getting a wheel!!!! Yup, Santa (aka my hubby) is coming early this year! Jenn had sent me a e-mail about a lady who was selling perfect Louet 10. I laughingly sent it onto Hubby, who I guess had no idea of what to get me for Christmas, quickly called and snagged said wheel!!

I flipped! Not in a good way either. I was unsure of if I would use the wheel enough. The last thing I want is another "thing" taking up space and collecting dust. And I just couldn't take years of "you wanted it so badly......Are you ever going to use that again....". So I got on the phone to cancel the pickup. That being said, I am still getting the wheel. Gail, the LOVELY woman who is selling the wheel, was wonderful. Fun, interesting and a spinning addict like myself! She reminds me a lot of my friend Lia. Full of life, creative..... I can't wait to meet her!

We will take the two hour ride tomorrow to pick it up! Pictures to follow! Gail, sweet thing, asked me to be her "spinning buddy". I gotta tell you this clinched the deal. I really look forward to spinning along with her (I'll keep you in the loop). I am just so impressed with the way Jenn spins, I hoping that some day I'll be just as good.

My poor family. Hanks of dyed fiber in boxes everywhere, little colored tufts of fluff on the rug and now there will be this gorgeous wheel sitting in front of the TV along with their wii paraphenalia (sp). I can't wait to hear what they tell their friends when they ask "what is THAT?!"
More when I get this beautiful girl home!!!

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