Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wow, Twice in one Week!!

Hello all!

Just quickly checking in. Trying to actually follow my resolutions. Today will be a small chat about what I do. This dyeing gig is pretty good. I retreat to my workroom to be swallowed up in a rainbow of color. I have been using large roasting pans to soak the rovinngs prior to applying the dye, but they have begun to spring leaks. I know, you all are cringing. "What!" you say, "citric acid in aluminum pans?!?!" Yes, my friends I had to use what was available. They work quite fine before the acid rots thru the bottom. I see no difference or problem with the rovings AT ALL. They are still soft and bright white when removed. No remember I only leave them in the pans until wet, no more than 15-20 minutes. I haven't tried over night or anything.

I am in search of "fish tubs". Anyone who has worked in a restraunt or a grocery prepared foods kitchen knows what I'm talking about. All the frozen/fresh fish arrives in these white plastic bins with tops. They are EXACTLY the size of roasting pans but made of sturdy, food grade plastic. I need some of these. I do still have some friends in the business, and I should just get off my lazy butt and given them a call. They are constantly throwing them out when the dishwaher has changed their shape enough for the tops not to fit correctly. OK, OK I'll call them today. Thanks for the push.
I am always looking for inspiration. I have folders and folders of pictures, both paper and on my computer. I don't go anywhere without my camera. Digital is a blessing!!! There is beauty everywhere, it's the taking of that beauty and reproducing it on the rovings thats the challenge. Exciting and extraordinary but still a challenge. I love it.

Whoops sorta got off the tracks there and now my time is up. I'll be checking in again this weekend.

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