Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Here's Romney!!!

Hello All,

I have got to shout about the latest fiber I've been working with! Romney! Man if you haven't tried it yet, you really have to. If you'er a spinner who loves Merino you will LOVE Romney.

I just dyed 8 ounces in these great peaches, and berry colors and it is wonderful to work with. It is sort of a cross between the fineness of Merino and the workablility of the BFL. It feels like merino, but big puffy merino. It drank the soak water up thirstily, alot like a BFL.

It took in the dye easily and was willing to let it be moved into position. It dryed like an alpaca, a stringy nothingness while wet but springy, fluffy, cloud down when dry.

To all of you spinners who have yet to try this mana from heaven I highly recommend it. Dyers this is definately a fiber to check out!!


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