Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Time for the Dye Class is Almost Here!

Hello all!

It is just about time for the first Dye Class of the season! I'm so excited. I love working outside but rarely get the chance. My work room fits one person perfectly, so when I teach the art of dyeing I have to move the work space outside!

This is the side yard where the tables will be set up. It's semi-shade so no one will get a sunburn while working on their Merino Masterpieces.

In that side garden are a few "friends" who will watch from the safety of the weeds.

I even used this as a chance to replace some of the chairs. Great color, huh? I purchased three of them and after my eldest kid put them together, I found out that they are collapsible! Score! These babies will not sit out in the snow this winter!! If I had thought about it I would have repainted the deck a better color. But I'll have to wait until later in the season when we move the hot tub. (thats that blue thing in the left hand corner)

When we take a break to steam our first batch, I'm planning lunch out in the back lounge area. Comfy seats and some shade. It will be swept by then and have some fresh flowers in the jug....

Lunch is going to be what my family calls a "French Nosh". Sliced grilled chicken, grapes, dried apricots, Brie and bleu cheese, baguette, cut veggies and this great Kabota Fig Preserve. Plus cold lemonade and the necessary bottle of chilled Chardonney for any one who is interested. Hey, what-ever gets your creative juices flowing.......

I was hoping to get a few more rings on the fire pit - each year I add a couple. But time is running out. They will get on but the girls won't get a chance to see it. It is going to be way too warm for a fire anyway!

The dog is Lego, he will be locked in my room. He looks all cute and cuddly but he is a man eater. I don't want him eating any of my students.

Oh yea the class. Everyone is going home with their own "Dye at Home" Kit. Its a plastic box that has a locking top. For those chefs out there its a blue "fish tub". Inside are Merino buns, the handouts, some small bottles of dye, gloves, and a small bottle of vinegar. It will also give them a way to carry home the wet rovings. No matter how long we spin them they are still going to be damp when they leave. Everyone will have a chance to dye their 8 ounces of merino but I'll also have some other fibers to try out!

What FUN!!! I know you wish you could be here. Next class I'll make sure you all know about it.

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