Monday, June 6, 2011

Merino Masterpieces!

Hello All!

The June Pryce Fiber Arts Dye Class Saturday was great fun. Wish you were here. Wonderful weather and wonderful people. It was a very small class. Just two students and myself. We touched on all the important aspects of dyeing Merino. Temperature, wetting, handling, applying dye and the steaming.

Here is Karen moving her wet roving from the bath to her work surface. So very glamorous with her glasses. It was very bright, you needed them!!

Here is Robyn working with her roving. Asking it nicely to let the water go and come get some color.

Here is the first batch. Karen's, mine and then Robyn's on the right. All wrapped up nice and snug awaiting their turn in the steamer. 35 minutes and then let stand until up to room temp.
What shall we do while we wait?

Time for questions.........

And to get a little bit of sun. What a gorgeous day!!!

How about some lunch? After a morning of intense study and work on their masterpieces my fun and sweet students are hungry. Ooohhh yum! Gotta love eating outside, it gets the creative juices flowing. The wine didn't hurt either......

Back to work, time to spin the water out of the rovings and see how our colors came out.

So industrious...... Careful don't squeeze too hard.....

Look what we did! This is Robyn's. She used Gold, Brown and a Burnt Orange. Isn't it great!

This is Karen's. Strawberry, Purple and a Blue Azure that mixed nicely together and this is what she came up with. Cool huh? The blue bin is the "Kit" that they were given. Inside was the undyed roving, three bottles for dye (they picked the colors) some gloves, the instructions and a few other special "tools" plus they got this cool bin that had a tight lid.

Overall I am very happy with the way it went. Fun and informative with great weather. It is all I could have asked for.

If you are interested and would like to be notified when we have another class feel free to e-mail me.

Heres hoping all of your days are colorful.

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