Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Batts in my Bellfry

Hello All,

I just wanted to take a mo to show off my newest tool.  This handsome young gentleman is my youngest son. Here  he sits on the front porch with his Ma, knitting.  Yup, very cool kid.  Well over the summer he was required to do a project, outside, that required his hands and his head.  Can't let him vegitate his whhole summer away in front of the computer playing minecraft.  

This great kid decided,  with a wee bit of help from me, to make a drum carder.  He knew I had been drooling over what I saw on Ebay, and figured he could make one himself.  Well the kid will never think that again, I tell you.  Poor thing had to put it together and take it apart over three times to get it right.  He also had to wait for me to get the carding cloth in to really test it.  Then again, had to take it apart.
FINALLY it was all done, in February!!  But you do NOT hear me complaining.  I have a beautiful, abeit rough, fully working drum carder.  I've attached some fun and fuzzy pictures that should tempt you to spin some more. 

Here is the contraption, almost done only needs the belt and the feeding tray.
Like I said cool, kid!

Happy crafting, I know I will!

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