Monday, August 11, 2014

When You Slam One Door Closed.....

Hello All,

I have finally done it.  I am following my dream.  No. More. Day. Job.  After a few harrowing months with the "Troll" aka the micro-managing office manager.  I decided to cut down my stress and walk away.  Phew do I feel great.  I thought there would be a lot more worry.  But no, I am very comfortable with my decision.  The niggling idea that my eldest is about to leave for college and I need to make money to help with those expenses IS hanging about.  But I think that will assist me in working harder and longer to make this work.  

Being the A-type personality that I am, have already set up a schedule for my work week.  

Every Morning:  Exercise.  Gotta do it, I have been growing this secretaries butt for a while now, and sitting at the desk makes me stiff.  So my Hubby and I walk the dog for 3 miles every morning while it is still cool and then when we get back to the house I usually do stretching, sun salutations, to keep limber.  This is done while my loving husband makes breakfast.  Yup, I am spoiled rotten.

Monday:  Computer work.  I even DRESS for going to the office.  I can't let all of those pretty work clothes go to waste because I'm working from home now can I?  Today is gray heels, a gray pencil skirt and a pink button down shirt with pearl necklace and earrings.  On these days I blog, check.  I post on ravelry, check.  I research more shows, check (very productive morning so far)! Then update etsy, post to Indie Untangled, update my spreadsheets, print lables, pay bills, order and update our banking software.  There will be more but for now that seems to fill most of my day.  I also upload and post new products that I dyed the week prior, but because I did NOT dye last week (nephews were up to swim) so I did not take photos on Friday.  I forgive myself, it IS the first week working from home, and there will be some projects that got missed.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:  Studio work.  Again I dress the part.  It is messy, hot work so I wear stuff I don't care about getting splattered.  Black or gray sweats (even in the summer, the studio is in the basement and stays cool) and then a tee-shirt or sweatshirt.  Jenn gave me this cute apron when I first started and that keeps me from getting soaked.  On really cold or messy days I use my old Chefs coats.  On these days I clean the studio, skein off projects or custom orders, make new dyes, dye and dry pieces, and spin on my wheel.

Friday: Photos. Now this sounds deceptively  easy, but it is not.  Remember I have been productive over the last three days.  There is a MOUND of dyed things.  These items need to be fluffed, folded, braided, packaged and readied for their photo shoot.  Every items gets at least 10 photos done, all angles and situations.  And, Yes, before you ask, I DO dress the part.  It is usually very flamboyant.  Crazy colored clothing and jewelry, a hat or mabie some ears and a tail.  Those were leftover from Halloween, bunny ears and a fluffy white tail.  :) It is good to let go a bit or you will grow OLD.  

Saturday and Sunday:  Show days or FAMILY TIME!  I can not tell you how long it has been since I have had a weekend to spend with my guys.  A picnic or a walk on the beach.  Just floating in the pool reading a book.  Hunt thru antique/junk shops.  Cook glorious creative meals WITHOUT feeling like I should be doing something else.  Yea!!

I should tell you as I type this my youngest, Colin 16, has been in and out of the dining room where I must work this morning because of guests, chatting with my father and my husband, goofing around and making a nuisance of himself and making it VERY difficult to finish this blog.  

I can not wait until school starts.

Have a productive day!

Whoops, almost forgot a pretty picture to help you thru your day.

This is Morning Coffee, a spin to knit scarf kit.  Espresso to Latte is the brown and the yellow to red is YOP.  You spin one as its own skein and then then other then knit them together as a scarf.  Soooooo pretty.  Time to think about christmas gifts. 


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