Sunday, September 26, 2010

OMG!! It's Everywhere!!

HELP!! I need an assistant! I have wool everywhere! This is a picture of my dining room table. At this very moment.
The buns with pieces of paper on them are to be banded. Which means that they are dried, fluffed and have had their pictures taken. All ready to be put into stock and await their new home. The banded purple hanks in the left front (Napa Valley colorway) have been sold and need to be packaged up all pretty to go out on Monday. The pages in the front with the scissors are bands to be made for the buns in the back of the picture. There is handspun in the digital scale, and the large silver pail is for pickings (cleaning up of the wool of any little frayed bits) that I'd love to sell (GIVE??) to felters. I think I have about 5 small sandwich bags packed full. What you don't see in the pile of expenses and inspiration papers that need to be filed away.

AAAHHHH!! And I have to blog (woohoo I'm gettting something done!!) and get the postings ready for this coming week. I can't set up posts from my day job because the pictures are here on my laptop. I also don't have the time, it flu season. It's easier just to drop in the listing address and press finish. Then, just so you don't think I'm done whining, I must go down a begin dying. I know, wah wah wah, suck it up and get back to work.

Man, I feel better. Thanks for listening.

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