Monday, August 18, 2014

Look what I made!

Hello All,

Now that I am able to make my own schedule.  I have Sundays to myself, to cook or create or to goof off.  This is what I did yesterday.

When we go to shows our wheels are usually a large draw for kids.  I came across this piece of wood in our shed.  It already had a hole cut out of it and I immediately thought of this.

 I intend to put "feet" on the back to keep it standing upright.  I am also hoping to find 2 other pieces to add to the sides.  That way larger "children" can have their photos taken too.  :)  I had a BLAST doing this.  No preconceived notions of what it needed to be or whether or not it was necessary.  It was my time and supplies so I could do what I wanted.  FREEDOM!!

Check out the cute details.  The subtle shading around the hooves, the detail on the ball of yarn.......:)  There are two mistakes that I need to fix this afternoon during my lunch break, can you tell what they are?  I find them quite obvious, but then again, I'm the one who drew them.

If you have ever seen our business cards, we have a roving white washed in the back ground, I even copied the colors of our business card!  30,00 yards is a bit much, but how many people are going to acutally lean down to the floor to read the card?

Here is my very patient hubby displaying just how thin the panel is.  The look on his face is "really? do I have to have my picture taken with this thing??"   

Every time I look at the panel I smile, so happy with the way it came out. Even if we don't use it, I'll enjoy it.  Too bad i didn't have it done for when I nephews were here......oh the pictures we would have taken!

I was also able to create this.  It's MDF, about 11 x12 inches and all I did was copy the one we already had that we bought at the Christmas Tree Shop.  Ours is a boring tan so I wanted to make them a bit more interesting.  I have the white with black face and then a all black one.  I have also 5 more that need to be finish cut so I can paint them too.  I'll have a whole flock when I'm done!  

No I'm not going crazy about sheep, they will be for sale when we go to shows.  I can't do them thru the shop they are too heavy to ship thru the mail.  

Altho if you live in RI and want one I can meet up with you to deliver it.  Only $20.00.!!

Hope your Sunday was a fun, creative and productive as mine was!

Happy crafting


  1. How cute! That face your husband is making is PERFECT. :) The painting is really lovely!

  2. Thanks! The stuff that poor man puts up with......