Monday, August 25, 2014

OMG, I think I have a problem.....

Hello All,

These past few weeks of working from home have brought on all sorts of problems I did not forsee.  But that is another blog post entirely.  :P

I have found, however, that crafting is an addiction, and I have a problem. 

While searching on Pinterest the other week, I came across an old craft of melting crayons.  Yup, everyone has done it from time to time but for some reason this really tickled my fancy.  I even went out and bought a heat gun because the hairdryer we own is LAME.   Now if any of you have met me or my family you will know that we all have no hair.  So this poor machine had sat in the closet waiting for someone with hair to dry.  Believe me it has been years, since this poor thing has seen the light of day.  Long story short, it would not do the job.  Off to Home Depot I run and $20.00 later I have this killer little machine that gets hot!  As in H.O.T.  Burn the tips of my fingers hot.

Next I scamper up stairs silently praying that I did not send the bin of old crayons home with my nephews during my last purge.  After some rumaging about in the boy's catch all closet, Viola!  Found!

Back down into the Studio I slink, this time praying that my BC or "Business Consultant", Hubby for short, will not see me with a huge box and crayons and a brand new heatgun and ask "what?".  Because remember I'm supposed to be working, you know making money to feed them.  Yeah, well.........

Settled at my table OCD girl kicks in.  I can't work like this, these colors need to be separated, and naked for me to be able to use them.  Separation begins and taking off those wrappers, not easy.  

3 hours later I realize that you really can't tell EXACTLY what the colors are while they are in the baggies.  So.......out comes the stickers and the crayons come back out of their baggies so I can document EXACTLY what is in each bloody frigging little baggie.  

Yes. I.... HAVE.... A.... PROBLEM.

All organized and ready to use.  When I get a lunch break today. I will separate them by ROYGBIV in the bin to make it even easier to use.  They are just dumped in there now and I can hear them calling to me to fix that. Violet rubbing up against yellow, that is just wrong.

 Every color documented........I there a 12 step program for this?

I did get a chance, briefly to see if the heat gun would do the job, or if I would need to go back and upgrade to a hotter one.  :} 

Old canvas, old crayons, new heat gun and a woman with a crafting problem.

I'm planning on taking one of the cut out sheep from my last post and melting a rainbow on it.  But alas that will have to wait until Saturday, when my work week is over and the car is packed for Grays Daily Grind Market.  Then I won't be getting the Cross-Eyed-Mary from my hungry family.

I really recommend you Google search crayon art or check out Pinterest for other ideas.  

Remember crayons are not just for little kids!!  We can start our own support group once you are addicted too.

Happy crafting

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  1. How fun! I approve of your slightly-compulsive color management system. :) I've been considering getting a heat gun to use on the shrink wrap around my lip balms, I've been using a hair dryer to date but it takes a while. I wonder if the heat gun would get TOO hot, though...