Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall's Here!!

Hello all! I am loving this weather!!! FALL IS HERE!! Cool mornings thick with dew then a nice warm (not the muggy hot of summer) days then back into a crisp cool evening. Gets my blood all up for the fall colors. I just finished a new colorway "Autumn" - so very predictable of me - and it's gorgeous!! The color mix was requested by a customer who is test driving my new techniques. I had a small problem early on. This IS a learning process after all. And this is the customer who pointed it out, so only fair she gets free stuff to test for me now. All of the stuff coming out of the WORK ROOM, Yup, still loving this space, is perfect. Fluffy, completely dyed and easy to draft. Its too bad that my photography skills suck so very much. Jenn has it down pat. Her stuff is all artsy fartsy and shows off my work perfectly. BUT sending the hanks down to her in PA just to have their pictures done is sort of cost prohibitive. She dosen't have as much storage space as I do. She also has two little people that need her attention more than the wool does. So I struggle with lighting and set-up and pray that people will purchase this great stuff even tho the pictures on the site suck.

This is MY idea of a artsy picture. I'll try to down load one of hers and you will see the difference.

I've been spinning on my drop spindle. I'm addicted. I watched this cool tutorial on u-tube by this girl Megan. She was so very helpful in the learning process. I've tried the wheel, and was bad at it, I liked it but Jenn is in possession of the wheel. Sp I don't get much time to practice. Jenn is MUCH better at it than I so I started with the spindle. I've done a ew different pieces. My first looks a bit like Noro.

See? Not so bad for my first try. The second and now third trys are getting much much better. I can't stop. I take it with me everywhere. Spin a little, draft a little. Now all this time I've been telling Jenn "no" when she has anounced that their is a particular hank she wants to spin. I feel so naughtly, I'm not only eyeing the fiber but I've gone so far as to have the roving "break" while prepping it for pictures, which makes ut unusable for sale. And free game for me to spin. I think I have a real problem......Hope Jenn dosen't find out.

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  1. AHA! I THOUGHT there were a few too many hanks "breaking"!!! ;)