Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I've been Spinning Again!!

Help me!!! I adore my drop spindle. It seems that Jenn has been reading the blog and I got caught. It's OK tho, its better that my problem is out in the open now....
Ahh to watch that beautiful fiber twist up into juicy fat singles..... The anticipation.... The silky softness. Oohhh almost as good as chocolate.

This is the "Sari" colorway from the shop. Its the BFL. This one "broke" and I had to take care of it. There is the Sari in Merino still for sale, but not for long if I can help it ;) heh heh heh heh. (Think sick pervert laugh). The first, sorry second, attempt was the Sea Glass colorway.

It came out a bit more thick and thin than the Sari. Still I love it!! I really need to learn to knit. What am I gonna do with all of this?? Any ideas? Do I need to start going to SA (spinning Anonomous) meetings? Hey! No comments on my lack of spelling skills :) Have a Great day, I'm out!!!

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