Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My loving and VERY patient husband has hooked me up!! After 10 months of dyeing on the counter in thte kitchen, some days the tie dye affect is very pretty, Hubby has found a way to give me a WORK ROOM! Ah, revel in it for a minute........No more dragging stuff up and down the stairs, taping the plastic down, dying with a time line and then reversing the process to feed my family. The problem is now cleaning out and setting up of this new space. In a past life I was a Personal Chef/Caterer. Yup, I went to Johnson and Wales and everything. 2 years, long days and a GPA of 3.95, I am VERY proud to say. The food industry is tough. More power to anyone who can do it for any lenght of time. You work horrible hours. When everyone else is partying you are in a hot and dirty kitchen slaving over their food. When I worked for a restaurant - a very short stint under a WONDERFUL Chef (Tommy D), I would get home smelling of onions and fryolator oil. its hard and dirty work and I was NOT cut out for it. The catering was about the same, ecxcept I picked when I worked and charged accordingly. The Personal Chef racket was the BEST. Working in someones home, making their meals, cleaning up and then heading home. Ahh, the memories. But sadly, I came into the position just as the nation hit the economic crisis. I needed a paycheck I could rely on. So I was introduced to the Doc who needed my organizational skills and personality and its been working fine for about 2 years now.

That being said I had accumulated a LOT of catering stuff, platters, serving dishes, glasses, chafing dishes of all sizes and shapes, candle sticks, coffee urns and on and on and on....... This was all stored in a room in the basement, shelves and shelves of the stuff. As you can see from the picture. And this is after I've already started clearing it out!!! This is where the new WORK ROOM (I love saying that) is going to go. Boxes of stuff to go to Salvation Army - where I purchased quite a bit of it - Consignment - I gotta get something to help pay for the upgrades - and friends who do the catering thingy also. I did keep service dishes for myself. Hubby wasn't happy but when I explained that we will still be having holiday dinners and need to serve the food, he agreed.

I spent the holiday weekend both dyeing and cleaning up. The walls are now bright white and the floor painted a soft grey. My MIL was re-doing her kitchen and hooked her son up with basecabinets and countertop AND a double sink!! MAJOR SCORE!!

I have been relegated to using a hot plate to steam the rovings. hubby is not even entertaining the idea of a stove top in the basement. Bummer. I've got a sump to pump the water up and out and even have hot AND cold running water. Man he is the GREATEST!
The room is finished. The process was tedious but well worth it. Still have to find a hot plate. But that can wait for a weekend or two.

I know, two entries and no information about fiber, sorry! I have been so excited about the new space!! Next entry I promise to start twlling you all about what I do now that I have a place to do it in!! Any time I want!! If inspiration strikes in the middle of the night I'm set. Ah.............. More later have a great day!!

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  1. That is so awesome!! You have a great MIL, and a terrific hubby!